Kenya Trip

These are the blogs that I wrote while I was on a mission trip to Kenya, Africa in the summer of 2010. This trip was life changing and if you get the chance to go, you must! I have organized these here so they would be easier for people to find. Thanks for reading!

Day 1: Painting In Kibera
Day 2: I Started A Game Of Chase I Could Not Finish
Day 3: Joy, Heartbreak, A Stain And A Boy Named Kiilu
Day 4: Professor Lewis And How The Internet Works
Day 5: Every Boy For Himself
Day 6: Bind Our Hearts Together With Cords Of Love
Day 7: The Problem Of Evil
Day 8: A New Dawn
Day 9: This Is How It Ends And Begins
Day 10: Safaris, Beads And Boarding Planes
Day 11: Are We There Yet?
Day 12: Epilogue


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